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  • Here’s the Wine Workout We’ve All Been Waiting For

    It’s here. The wine workout we’ve all been waiting for. No, it’s not smashing grapes, but this exercise will inspire you to take a trip to Napa. Eye Opener’s Laila Muhammad met up with health and fitness expert Marzia Prince for a calorie burning wino workout. Prince says wine bottles are equivalent to dumbness and depending on the bottle of wine it can be three to five pounds. She said they may seem light at first, but ten or fifteen […]

  • Workout With Your Dog to Burn Extra Calories

    Eye Opener’s Laila Muhammad met up with health and fitness experts Marzia Prince and Lacey Buteyn of BODYbump Fitness for a doggie influenced workout. Prince says dog owners are at an advantage when it comes to getting fit because they can take their dogs for walks, runs and jogs. The new trend in pup fitness is doga or dog yoga.  Lacey and her pup Wintson practice the downward dog and many other moves that allow her to burn calories while bonding […]

  • Do a 5 Minute Full Body Workout With No Weights

    Health and fitness expert Marzia Prince showed Eye Opener’s Laila Muhammad a five minute, full body workout and all you need is your own body weight. Marzia recommends doing each of the following five moves for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between. First, warm up with a lateral lunge. The lateral lunges get your cardio up and get the blood pumping. Next do a series of switch lunges. Switch lunges keep the heart rate pumping which allow […]

  • 5 Easy Workouts for Busy New Moms

    New moms are busy, but thanks to health and lifestyle expert Marzia Prince they can now incorporate their babies into their workouts! Prince and BODYbump Fitness’ Lacy Buteyn showed Eye Opener’s Laila Muhammad five easy workouts you can do with your baby. Prince recommends babies weighing around twenty pounds and at least nine months of age for safety. First bicep curls with your baby!  Prince says just hold your baby in your arms, bring them up and crunch.  She recommends doing […]

  • Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag: When to Replace Old Cosmetics and Skincare

    Fashion and beauty expert Holly Quartaro shared tips with Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff for freshening up your makeup bag for spring. Mascara and liquid eyeliner are the two products that will go fastest. Quartaro recommends throwing out these items after two or three months. If you are looking for something new she suggests the Marc Jacobs mascara and Sephora gel eyeliner. Cosmeceuticals, which are products that have anti-aging properties, should be replaced every six months if they come in a jar. […]

  • Learn These Easy Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques

    It’s never a bad thing to know basic self defense techniques, no matter your age or gender. Eye Opener’s Hilary Kennedy visited Krav Maga Dallas to learn some moves from instructor Daniel Hines. Krav Maga, the fighting system of the Israeli military, is a simple and no nonsense approach to self defense according to Hines. The moves resemble boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Hines says Krav Maga allows even the smallest women to defend themselves against an attacker. He says if you have […]

  • This Restaurant Lets You Picnic Like a Pro

    A restaurant in Dallas has created a fresh and modern take on the classic picnic. Eye Opener’s Courtenay DeHoff stopped by The Rustic to check out their new dining experience with restauranteur Kyle Noonan. Noonan says people are focused on experiences not just food which makes a classic picnic the perfect way to share a fresh meal with a friend or loved one. The specialty picnic baskets are just $16.95 per person for a basket stuffed full of the following goodies: Trendy […]

  • Sword Fighting, Belly Dancing, Turkey Legs: A Day at the Renaissance Fair

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in the 16th century? When we heard about a big Renaissance fair coming to town, we had to send Courtenay DeHoff to check it out. At the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Courtenay spent a day full of sword fighting, belly dancing, and turkey leg eating. The 16th Century style fair is set in the days of King Henry VIII! Visitors enjoy full combat armored jousts, Birds of Prey exhibitions, the Mermaid Lagoon and Renaissance […]

  • How Do You Eat Cadbury Creme Eggs?

    It was iconic commercials that eventually launched Cadbury Eggs into Easter superstardom. Around since the roaring twenties, they actually didn’t gain their cult like following until the 1970’s. Today people are so obsessed, the Cadbury factory cranks our nearly 1.5 million of these delectable treats per day. The eggs are made in two separate pieces and then slapped together after the sides are filled with liquid fondant. The eggs are eventually fused together to create the iconic Easter treat. Traditional […]