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  • Dog Food Recalled After Euthanasia Drug Discovered Inside

    A Texas dog food supplier has forced a nationwide dog food recall after two products tested positive for pentobarbitol, a drug used for euthanasia in people and animals. Party Animal Dog Food announced the recall after being notified by a Texas retailer that a customer had presented Texas A&M lab results showing the products tested positive for the potentially lethal drug, according to the company announcement. Party Animal, Inc. has requested the lab results and is conducting independent lab tests as well. The specific products […]

  • Man Dies Peacefully After Ex-wife Tells Him Trump Got Impeached

    Moments before he died, Oregon man, Michael Elliott, was told President Donald Trump had been impeached by his ex-wife, Teresa Elliott. Elliott health had been declining over the years but became worse after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He’d been bedridden for the past few months before he passed. Although divorced, Teresa and Michael had still remained close friends. Once finding out he was about to die in Oregon, Teresa, who lives in Texas, called him when she […]

  • Man Suing Grindr After Ex Sends 1,100 Strangers to His Home and Job

    NEW YORK — Dating is hard enough as it is, especially in a big city! For one guy, it just got a whole lot harder. Matthew Herrick, a model and actor in New York, is having some issues with his dating life. His ex-boyfriend has allegedly been creating fake Grindr accounts with Herrick’s pictures, specs, and even some flat out lies as a part of some elaborate revenge scheme. One lie being he’s HIV positive. That doesn’t seem to stop the […]

  • Tomi Lahren is Suing Glenn Beck & The Blaze

    IRVING, TX — Tomi Lahren is ready to put the smack down on Glenn Beck. She’s suing Beck and “The Blaze” for wrongful termination. The conservative commentator got the boot for telling the ladies at “The View” she supports abortion rights. Tomi Lahren claims folks at “The Blaze” then lit the fire on a public smear campaign against her. The lawsuit filed Friday states Glenn Beck and his crew tried to ruin her career by “a clear attempt to embarrass, humiliate, […]

  • Pregnant Teen Killed by Train During Photo Shoot

    NAVASOTA, Texas — A beautiful, yet haunting picture. This is 19-year-old Fredzania “Zanie” Thompson smiling and full of life during a modeling shoot on the train tracks in Navasota — right before a train hit and killed her. Not just one but two lives gone in a snap. Her fiancé, Darnell Chatman, says they’d just found out Zanie was expecting their first child. “I’m very hurt about the situation because she was so young, but this is what she wanted. […]

  • 7-year-old Helps Food Pantry by Donating Kid-friendly Food

    ROCKWALL, Texas — The Newton family’s been hearing an awful lot of ringing doorbells lately. Who are people looking for? 7-year-old Kaden. When a delivery man says ,”I’ve got packages for you,” these days, it’s a huge understatement. “We’ve got mac and cheese almost roof high!” Kaden said, staring up to the top of the leaning tower of mac in the family’s home. Newton has two favorite meals. “Whenever my mom says, ‘Breakfast! It’s pancakes,’ I’m like ‘Aw, yeah.’ In […]

  • Texas Under ‘Heightened’ Terror Threat

    AUSTIN — The Texas Department of Public Safety just elevated the state’s current terrorism threat. Last week the department released a report saying Texas is under a “heightened threat” mainly because of foreign groups like the Mexican cartel and ISIS. The statement goes on to say, “…attacks against civilians and members of law enforcement is a serious ongoing concern.” With Houston hosting the Super Bowl this year — this news doesn’t sound good! Is this cause for concern? According to Texas’ Department of […]

  • Taco Restaurant Offers ‘Leave a Coat, Take a Coat’ Rack for Those in Need

    DALLAS, TX — It’s getting pretty cold in the Lonestar State, and local meteorologists are warning people in the Dallas area that it’s only going to get worse. That’s why one business came up with a cool idea to keep people warm. Taco Stop in Dallas set up a coat rack with a sign that reads, “Are you cold? Take one. Do you want to help? Leave one.” “I was homeless once, so I know what it means to not have and […]

  • Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Sides Edition

    You come for the turkey on Thanksgiving, sure, but you stay for the side dishes. Stuffing or Mac & Cheese? You may be surprised at how much more popular one of those side dishes is over the other. Are most people going to stick with the regulars, or choose the once-a-year side dish? Will green bean casserole EVER die?? After you decide which Thanksgiving side dish you’d rather have, you’ll see how your selection stacks up to the rest of […]