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  • Pregnant Teen Killed by Train During Photo Shoot

    NAVASOTA, Texas — A beautiful, yet haunting picture. This is 19-year-old Fredzania “Zanie” Thompson smiling and full of life during a modeling shoot on the train tracks in Navasota — right before a train hit and killed her. Not just one but two lives gone in a snap. Her fiancé, Darnell Chatman, says they’d just found out Zanie was expecting their first child. “I’m very hurt about the situation because she was so young, but this is what she wanted. […]

  • SEE IT: Crazy Brawl Over Chips & Salsa at Dallas Mexican Restaurant

    DALLAS — Don’t get between a Texan and their Tex-Mex, or you might get knocked out. Apparently, that’s what went down at a Mexican food restaurant in North Dallas with a dispute over — chips and salsa. Insane video posted to Facebook shows the EPIC beatdown at El Paisano over the weekend. We’re talking everything from hair-pulling… Chair-throwing…. No word on any arrests or if anyone was hurt. Israel Rojas of Dallas, who shared the nearly six-minute video, claims it […]

  • #NationalSexDay: This is How Long Sex Should Actually Last

    Check the calendar, it’s 6/9 — National Sex Day. Yep, it’s a thing. While Twitter is getting busy with NSFW tweets, our friends over at CW33 raised an interesting question: How long should sex last? Well, I say, if you have to ask… you’re in trouble. But hey, I’m no sex therapist. So, let the pros break it down for ya.   What’s considered “too short” sex? “Cause I don’t want no one-minute man.”  Missy Elliott was clearly on to […]

  • Woman Quit Job To Breastfeed Boyfriend Every 2 Hours

    ATLANTA — This takes the meaning of “man child” to a whole new level. An Atlanta woman actually quit her job as a bartender to breastfeed her boyfriend, CW33 reports. “When I read about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people, I was envious,” Jennifer Mulford said. Here’s the problem though, Jennifer hasn’t given birth to a baby in 20 years. So, in order to trick her body into producing milk, she and her boyfriend “dry feed” every two […]