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  • Video: High School Students Voluntarily Get Pepper Sprayed

    The video shows students screaming in pain. Viewer discretion advised. BARBERTON, Ohio – What a way to be dedicated to your education. A video of students at an Ohio high school getting pepper sprayed has gone viral. As part of defense tactics training for their criminal science technology class, students and parents of Barberton High School signed a waiver that opted them in to either be swabbed or receive a quick burst to the face of pepper spray. The video shows […]

  • Man Dies Peacefully After Ex-wife Tells Him Trump Got Impeached

    Moments before he died, Oregon man, Michael Elliott, was told President Donald Trump had been impeached by his ex-wife, Teresa Elliott. Elliott health had been declining over the years but became worse after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He’d been bedridden for the past few months before he passed. Although divorced, Teresa and Michael had still remained close friends. Once finding out he was about to die in Oregon, Teresa, who lives in Texas, called him when she […]