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  • Meet The 80 Yr-Old Gamer

    When most people think of gamers, they think of things like the over the top craziness of PewDiePie. So it might surprise you to meet Shirley Curry, a gamer from Rocky Mount Virginia, whose YouTube channel has almost 238,000 subscribers. Oh, yeah… and Shirley just happens to be 80 years old. Her favorite game is Skyrim, an immersive, open-world fantasy game. And with over 300 videos showing her progress though the game all while she keeps a commentary in her soft-spoken, […]

  • The IRS Has $1 Billion in Unclaimed Tax Refunds — How to Get Yours

    Did you know the IRS has almost $1 billion from over a million people in unclaimed tax refunds? That’s according to Greg Mangelsdorf, a Certified Public Accountant with Atlas Tax Advisors. Basically, if you didn’t file one year for whatever reason — for example, if came in under the IRS cutoff for income needed to file — but you were still employed, then the IRS probably has some money for you. And getting it is simple. You’ll need to go to and search for […]

  • Men Are More Likely to Fall in Love at First Sight

    All you romantics out there, rejoice, a new study shows love at first sight is a real thing! In an article for the Daily Mail, sex expert Tracy Cox wrote that men are far more likely to fall in love at first sight  than their female counter parts (48% of men compared to 28% of women). The reason? Men are more likely to fall in love based on appearance, and those feelings are slow to change. Wanting to do our own (un)scientific study, […]

  • Turns Out, Instagram May Help Fight Depression

    Good news for everyone who likes using Instagram: it’s no longer just for pictures of your lunch and semi-nude pics of quasi-celebrities! Now, it can actually help out with depression. (At least that’s what a new study from Drexel University is saying.) Basically, it all boils down to this quote: “Physical or mental health and body image concerns are stigmatized, rarely disclosed, and frequently elicit negative responses when shared with others.” And it turns out Instagram is a place where […]

  • The Recipe for a Great Oscars Host

    With the 89th Academy Awards airing this Sunday, everyone is wondering one thing (and it’s NOT ‘how many Oscars will La La Land win’): how well will Jimmy Kimmel do hosting? Eye Opener’s Oliver Tull sat down with film critic Larry Ratliff for a better look at what makes a good Oscar host. First: the person needs to be funny.  Comedians are usually a good bet — look at how often Billy Crystal has done an amazing job.  But sometimes, like […]

  • Foolproof Margarita Recipe for National Margarita Day

    February 22 is one of the greatest days of the year: NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY!!! Yes, getting your drink on today is even more socially acceptable than usual, so why not celebrate with the greatest margarita you can make?! According to Ivan Sanchez, the Bar Director of Mi Dia From Scratch, the way to make the greatest margarita is to first find the best tequila for you — and then compliment it with the best orange liqueur. Also, make sure you have fresh lemon […]

  • Shred a Photo of Your Ex and Get Free Wings at Hooters This Valentine’s Day

    Going out to eat on Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly fun when you’re single. So Hooters is stepping up this year and lending a helping to all the lonely hearts out there. This Valentine’s Day Hooters will you 10 free boneless wings if you shred a picture of your ex. Sounds true love to us. Just fill out this online form and show up to any Hooters location with an appetite and a photo ready to send to the shredder. Being in love might be […]

  • Eye Opener’s Team Gets the Escape Room Treatment

    You’ve probably seen, heard of, or even participated in one of the countless escape rooms that have popped up across the country over the last few years.  Whether it’s zombie-themed, old-timey, escape rooms are challenging, often frustrating, but usually fun. However, Chad Michael, owner of AdVenture Games Inc, has a bit of a twist on the typical escape room.  First, and foremost, they bring the escape room to your office. Yes, instead of listening to another boring seminar, or going […]

  • Lunar New Year Is More Than Dancing Lions

    Lunar New Year is celebrated across many Asian cultures. It’s like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year all rolled into one. And, even better, the celebration lasts all month long because Lunar New Year also marks the beginning of the Spring season. One of the most fun traditions is lion dancing.  It’s believed to scare off bad spirits and bad luck. For extra good luck, give a traditional lucky red envelope filled with money for good fortune, health, and prosperity. Firecrackers are also an […]