brookeBrooke Thomas (and her three alarm clocks) joined the Eye Opener team in September, 2014. She has previously worked and covered stories in Texas, California, Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Brooke is probably the only true “Okie from Muskogee” you’ll ever ‘meet,’ and she’s excited to wake you up every morning with the top news of the day and lots of the fun stuff too.

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IMG_8516Oliver Tull is funny. Very funny. He’s an Actor, Writer, Director and Comedian who has performed in over forty-five hundred live shows. He has been seen and heard in more than two hundred television and radio commercials, as well as in feature films, video games and episodic television shows. Oliver has been an improviser with the group Four Day Weekend for the past thirteen and a half years, doing shows for top companies around the world. He’s a husband, father, and self-professed technology geek.

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Meteorologist Kevin Roth is certified by the National Weather Association.

Meteorologist Kevin Roth is certified by the National Weather Association.

Kevin Roth is often described as “lovably-nerdy”, a title he considers to be the ultimate compliment! Kevin has a Bachelor’s in Science from The Florida State University, and a Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Science from Mississippi State University, and is certified by the National Weather Association. His strong science background is paired with a personality that is, at best, quirky (and at times downright goofy), providing a forecast which is both informative and entertaining.

Outside of the studio, Kevin teaches at a local university, and provides sports-weather forecasts for NFL and MLB games.

Kevin is a bit of a social media addict, so hit him up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!